Manage Financial Risks Under Global Change

risQ helps asset owners and investors quantify the complex financial risks posed by climate change

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Who We Are

risQ provides climate analytics that address problems specific to the municipal debt, real estate and risk transfer markets. We model the complex financial risks posed by climate change, translating them to actionable econometrics for debt investors, raters and issuers. risQ delivers this by quantifying a given municipality’s Value-at-Risk (VaR) as a function of climate change, according to a set of that city’s economic “slices” (e.g., property value, workforce, transit and business interruption risk) -- all in financial terms, and all with confidence bounds.

risQ is a spinout of Northeastern University's Sustainability and Data Sciences (SDS) Lab and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Patented Technologies

  • Probabilistic modeling of climate-driven weather extremes and natural hazards
    Patent 61/971,932
  • Network resilience modeling for system-wide hazard response and restoration
    Patent 62/153,243

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