Manage Risks Under Global Change

risQ leverages data science and machine learning to inform climate change adaptation

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Who We Are

risQ is a spinout of Northeastern University's Sustainability and Data Sciences (SDS) Lab. The formation of risQ was motivated by the recognition of longstanding gaps between state-of-the-art climate science and day-to-day practice in the areas of climate change adaptation and infrastructure resilience. Our primary mission is to enable (re)insurance companies to incorporate climate data, at scale, into catastrophe modeling and risk management processes.

risQ works closely with academic leaders, including the SDS Lab, in translating research to practical solutions that yield measurable impacts.

Patented Technologies

  • Probabilistic modeling of climate-driven weather extremes and natural hazards
    Patent 61/971,932
  • Network resilience modeling for system-wide hazard response and restoration
    Patent 62/153,243 recoverTM Demo

Clients and Partners