Manage Risks Under Global Change

risQ blends physics, process understanding and data analysis to help insurance, infrastructures, energy, water and security stakeholders embed climate and sociopolitical change into risk and resilience management
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Who We Are

risQ is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based spinout of Northeastern University's Sustainability and Data Sciences (SDS) Lab. We develop products and analytics for helping public and private stakeholders enhance their resilience to climate change, weather extremes, and natural/man-made hazards. These stakeholders reside in the insurance and critical infrastructure sectors (i.e. transportation, water, energy).

In addition, risQ offers in-depth analytics and statistical modeling consulting services for challenging, data-centric problems. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more!

Patented Technologies

  • Network resilience modeling for system-wide hazard response and restoration
    Patent 62/153,243 recoverTM Demo
  • Probabilistic modeling of climate-driven weather extremes and natural hazards
    Patent 61/971,932

Clients and Partners